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Postdoctoral Scholar
Molecular neurobiology

111 Irvine Hall
Lab Phone: 949-824-3463
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PhD, Neuroscience, University of Southern California [Li Zhang lab]
Dissertation: Molecular mechanisms of neural circuit formation in developing mouse auditory system

BS, Biochemistry, University of Washington


I joined the Hunt lab following a brief postdoc appointment in the Zipursky lab at UCLA. I completed graduate training with Li Zhang lab at University of Southern California where I studied molecular mechanisms of central and peripheral auditory circuit development in mouse cochlea. I am now studying brain development in epilepsy using mouse models and stem cells.


Selective vulnerability of hippocampal interneurons to graded traumatic brain injury
Frankowski JC, Kim YJ, Hunt RF
Neurobiology of Disease (in press)

Irritable no more: Activating mossy cells for the treatment of epilepsy
Kim YJ, Hunt RF
Epilepsy Currents

Genome-wide association analysis identifies Dcc as an essential factor in the innervation of the peripheral vestibular system in inbred mice
SalehiP*, Myint A*, KimYJ*, Ge MX, Lavinsky J, Ho MK, Crow AL, Cruz C, Monges-Hernandez M, Wang J, Eskin E, Hartiala J, Zhang LI, Allayee H, Lusis AJ, Ohyama T, Friedman RA.
Journal of the Association for Research in Otolaryngology (2016)

Dcc mediates functional assembly of peripheral auditory circuits
Kim YJ, Wang SZ, Tao HW, Zhang, LI
Scientific Reports (2016)

EphA7 regulates spiral ganglion innervation of cochlear hair cells
Kim YJ, Ibrahim LA, Wang SZ, Yuan W, Evgrafov OV, Knowles JA, Wang K, Tao HW, Zhang LI
Developmental Neurobiology (2015)

Enhancing gene delivery of adeno-associated viruses by cell-permeable peptides
Liu Y, Kim YJ, Ji M, Fang J, Siriwon N, Zhang LI, Wang P
Molecular Therapy -Method & Clinical Development (2014)

Slit/Robo signaling mediates spatial positioning of spiral ganglion neurons during development of cochlear innervation
Wang SZ, Kim YJ, Ibrahim LA, Gibson DA, Leung HC, Yuan W, Zhang KK, Tao HW, Ma L, Zhang LI
Journal of Neuroscience (2013)

Synaptic mechanisms underlying functional dichotomy between intrinsic-bursting and regular-spiking neurons in auditory cortical layer 5
Sun YJ, Kim YJ, Ibrahim LA, Tao HW, Zhang LI
Journal of Neuroscience (2013)

Preceding inhibition silences layer 6 neurons in auditory cortex
Zhou Y, Liu BH, Wu GK, Kim YJ, Xiao Z, Tao HW, Zhang LI
Neuron (2010)

Sporadic ALS has compartment-specific aberrant exon splicing and altered cell-matrix adhesion biology
Rabin SJ, Kim JM, Baughn M, Libby RT, Kim YJ, Fan Y, Libby RT, La Spada A, Stone B, Ravits J
Human Molecular Genetics (2010)

No evidence of HIV pol gene in spinal cord tissues in sporadic ALS by real-time RT-PCR
Kim YJ, Fan Y, Laurie P, Kim JM, Ravits J
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (2010)



2017          American Epilepsy Society Fellows Program Award
2017          Hello Bio Travel Award to attend AES
2017-19     T32 NIH Training Program in Epilepsy Research at UC Irvine
2017          Postdoctoral Travel and Professional Development Award at UC Irvine
2015          Predoctoral Outstanding Research Award, Association of Korean Neuroscientists
2015          Best Poster Presentation, 10th Annual Neuroscience Graduate Program Student Symposium at USC