Description of the Laboratory

The main laboratory consists of approximately 1600 sf of lab space and 120 sf of office space located in Irvine Hall on the main Health Sciences campus at UCI. Students, technicians and postdocs have access to desk space in the laboratory. A kitchen and meeting room (~276 sf) is available next door for lab meetings and student use. A 263 sf cold room and additional space for freezers are also available. The main lab is divided into separate work stations for electronics work shop, electrophysiology, a molecular biology wet lab and rodent behavior. Our stem cell work is carried out in a shared research facility on the first floor of Gross Hall. In addition, our lab has a dedicated animal surgery suite (~150 sf) located within the pathogen-free "barrier" facility of Gross Hall. This room is adjacent to our animal housing room and contains custom-built stereotax systems for stem cell transplantations and virus injections, a pneumatic traumatic brain injury device and all of the necessary equipment and supplies for small animal surgeries.

Approaches and Techniques

  • Whole-cell patch-clamp electrophysiology

  • In vivo electrophysiology in freely behaving animals

  • In vivo & in vitro optogenetics

  • GCaMP & voltage imaging in vitro and freely behaving animals

  • Rodent behavior assays

  • Molecular biology (e.g., RNA sequencing, viral vector construction, in situ hybridization)

  • Immunohistochemistry

  • Whole brain tissue clearing (e.g., CLARITY)

  • Confocal and light-sheet microscopy

  • 3D reconstruction and circuit mapping

  • Induced pluripotent stem cells & derivation of brain cells (e.g., neurons, glia)

  • Sterotactic surgery & stem cell transplantation

  • Animal models of epilepsy, neurodevelopmental disorders & traumatic brain injury

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