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Graduate Student
Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program

111 Irvine Hall
Lab Phone: 949-824-3463


BS, Neurobiological Sciences, University of Florida [Eduardo Candelario-Jalil lab]


I am a graduate student in the Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program at UCI. I completed undergraduate studies at University of Florida where I worked in Eduardo Candelario-Jalil's lab on a rodent model of ischemic stroke. For my thesis work, I am developing new circuit-based therapies for epilepsy. My research is supported in part by a Francisco J. Ayala Graduate Fellowship and Dean Recruitment Fellowship at UC Irvine.


Ceftriaxone reduces alcohol intake in outbred rats while upregulating xCT in the nucleus accumbens core
Stennett BA, Frankowski JC, Peris J, Knackstedt LA
Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior (2017) [Link]

Targeting resolution of neuroinflammation after ischemic stroke with a lipoxin A4 analog: Protective mechanisms and long-term effects on neurological recovery
Hawkins KE, DeMars KM, Alexander JC, de Leon LG, Pacheco SC, Graves C, Yang C, McCrea AO, Frankowski JC, Garrett TJ, Febo M, Candelario-Jalil E
Brain and Behavior (2017) [Link]

Detrimental role of the EP1 prostanoid receptor in blood-brain barrier damage following experimental ischemic stroke
Frankowski JC, DeMars KMAhmad ASHawkins KEYang CLeclerc JLDoré SCandelario-Jalil E
Scientific Reports (2015) [Link]

Neurovascular protection by post-ischemic injections of the lipoxin A4 receptor agonist, BML-111, in a rat model of ischemic stroke
Hawkins KE, DeMars KM, Singh J, Yang C, Cho HS, Frankowski JC, Candelario-Jalil E
Journal of Neurochemistry (2014) [Link]



2015     Francisco J. Ayala Graduate Fellowship
2015     UCI Graduate Dean Recruitment Fellowship
2014     Ronald E. McNair Scholarship
2014     3rd Place Oral Presentation - 20th Annual SAEOPP McNair/SSS Scholars Research Conference
2014     3rd Place Poster - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Symposium, Emory University
2012     Howard Hughes Medical Institute Undergraduate Research Award
2012     Machen Florida Opportunity Scholarship


2014     UF-HHMI Science for Life [link]


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