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Many of our experiments require extensive training, and we strongly prefer students who wish to contribute in substantive ways to our research program, and even develop independent projects. As such, we only accept undergraduates who want to spend multiple quarters working in the lab. How much time do you plan on working in the lab?
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Bio 199 prerequisites
Please confirm you have completed the Bio199 prerequisites. Check all that apply. A description of the Bio Sci requirements can be found here:
Please send an email to Robert Hunt (robert dot hunt at uci dot edu) that includes the following information: Bio199 candidates: please send your current CV (including, your major, all relevant coursework and GPA). Students in the INP or MSTP program: please send your current CV (including, your major, all relevant coursework and GPA). Postdoc candidates: please send your CV, contact information for three references and a short (no more than 2 pg) description of your research describing your past experience, future goals, what type of project you hope to work on and how you think you can contribute to the overall research direction of the lab. Lab technician candidates: please send your CV and contact information for three references.