Lab technician

Lab: 139 Irvine Hall
Lab Phone: 949-824-3463
Where she went: Staff Research Associate, Wendy Walwyn and Catherine Cahill labs, UCLA



BA, Neuroscience, Pomona College, 2017


I joined the lab as a technician / lab manager after graduating from Pomona College in Spring 2017. Before joining the lab, I worked for a summer in Mark Tuszynski's Center for Neural Repair at UCSD on human neural stem cell therapy for spinal cord injury in non-human primates. As an undergraduate at Pomona, I also worked in Ajay Satpute's lab on how people ‘value’ different types of emotions.


Being sad is unpleasant, but does that make it bad? Relationship between evaluative and hedonic values of emotions and its brain activity
Lee A, Garcia M, Carillio V, Kim J, Satpute, A
Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience Poster Session, San Diego, CA (2016)

Do Differences in Neuronal Circuitry Underlies Natural Variation in Food Odor Preference Behavior in C. elegans?
Valdes R, Lee A, Glater E
Southern California Conference on Undergraduate Research, Claremont, CA (2015)

Human Neural Stem Cell Grafts in Spinal Cord Injury: Comparison of axon density between white matter and gray matter
Lee A, Weber J, Tuszynski M, Rosenzweig E
Summer Undergraduate Research Program Poster Conference, Claremont, CA (2015)

Lust is pleasant, but does that make it good? Examining the relationship between evaluative and hedonic judgments of emotion
Lee A, Garcia M, Carillio V, Kim J, Satpute, A
Society For Personality and Social Psychology Emotion Preconference, Long Beach, CA (2015)



Alex just joined us. We're still trying to learn a fun fact about her. We'll let you know what we come up with...